Day 22: Safe and sound

At about 9am on the 18th of December we arrived safe, sound and happy into Barbados.

Beach, beer, rum punch, swimming in the sea, surfing, pot-luck parties, kids running wild, tales from the ocean. You get the idea… more to follow.

8 thoughts on “Day 22: Safe and sound

  1. Wonderful news, glad you made it without too much difficulty. Enjoy a great Christmas knowing you have completed something noteworthy!

  2. Hello sailors! Thank you for all your posts! It was fun and comforting to see the daily updates. Easy to read, harder to write… hence late response. Wishing you all a wonderful christmas and fun in Caribbean. God Jul! Klem

  3. What a great achievement !!!! I’m so glad you made it safely and had fun, for sure. Memories for life. Merry sunny & warm X-mas in Barbados!
    We are spending x-mas shovelling snow and building igloo 🙂

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