Day 21: Guest post from Kevin

Itchy Foot Log

I am Kevin Bourgeois (64) retired pharmacist. The ‘old man’ on board Itchy Foot. Fortunately (for them) no one called be grandpa. It has been a privilege to sail on board Itchy Foot with Jon, Mia, Teo and Tina (a ‘temp’ like myself). It was a great mix of crew; very dynamic ; always interesting; lots of humour; never boring. I have recently purchased a Hallberg Rassey 40 in Sweden. My trip on Itchy Foot has been invaluable. I have learned so much from Jon and Mia about taking care of this boat. I can not thank you both enough!

Best moments:
-bus tour to the volcano on Tenerife, Canaries
-incredible good vegetarian meals on board. I have never felt so healthy. -‘knuffles’ (a Dutch word. Look it up.)
-watching squalls on the radar
-private car tour of Sao Vincente, Cape Verde, by Felix
-drinking a ‘few’ beer with other sailors at floating pub, Marina Sao Vincente -morning watch with sunrise
-catching 25lb tuna, 8lb mahi mahi and 6lb mahi mahi
-beautiful weather
-generator; watching Jon get the generator to work and the logic he used to solve the problem. -meeting lots of interesting people; Stuart, Jeff (2), etc.
-sailing across the Atlantic in an informal fleet of 4 boats: Itchy Foot, Freja, Gorm Den Gamle and Anyway; usually within sight. -regular radio chats with the boat s above.
-Yorkshire Gold Tea (identical to Red Rose Tea in Canada)
-using Iridium satellite email
-while cleaning in the galley one evening a flying fish came through the porthole, hit me in the glasses and landed in the dishwater. I quickly rescued him and threw him overboard.
-despite the turbulent wave pattern Itchy Foot handled very well; has good feel on the wheel

So-So Moments:
-cleaning the tuna on the back deck. I was on my hands and knees, on a slippery deck, sliding towards Jon with a very sharp knife pointed in his direction. Note to self: Rethink Risk Management Policy/Procedures on fish cleaning on a bouncing wet deck.
-we noticed, too late, the battle between the melons and the papaya as they rolled around in the fruit netting. The melons won and it was not a split decision.
-cooking in the galley while the boat gets slammed on the side by rogue waves. However, I do have a better appreciation for the HR galley design!

People who venture on voyages like this are living the dreams of other people.

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  1. sounds fabulous. Looking forward to hearing your stories over a couple of cold ones and making plans for the next adventure

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