Where is Itchy Foot?

If you are interested to know where we are in the world there are a couple of options, with various degrees of accuracy and timeliness.

Marine Traffic

Click here to see the marine traffic website for Itchy Foot. Whenever we’re on the move we have our VHF radio and AIS turned on. If we ever come into range of a special ‘base station’ which shares that information with the internet then we’ll be updated on the Marine Traffic (and others). We’re not in control of when and where this gets updated so it will often be wrong – but there are apps where you can get alerts if we move! Obviously it won’t be updated as we cross oceans.


PredictWind Tracking – NOT IN USE

Click here to show you our location, updated automatically IF we have the satellite phone turned on. Crossing the Atlantic we’ll have this turned on all the time, but once we get to the Caribbean I doubt we’ll use it very often.