We’re not the easiest people to get hold of, often being without Internet and mobile phone coverage, but we love hearing from friends and family. Below are your options.

mobile phone 
+1 767 615 9860

This phone stays with the boat and we simply swap out the sim and therefore change the number depending in the country. Currently this is a Dominica number and works in about 90% of the Caribbean. The good news is this a free for us to receive calls. Of course we still have our old phone numbers from Norway, but they don’t actually work in the Caribbean as they are Pay as You Go without contracts.



Depending where we are we pickup email most days. If you don’t know our private email then drop us an email on the above and we’ll reply with the private address.


facebook messenger

These also get checked fairly regularly, if you are friends with us on Facebook give it a shot.



This is the tricky one. We don’t have a postal address. If it’s not urgent then you could try sending mail to either Jon’s parents in the UK or Mia’s parents in the USA and at some point we’ll get it.




When we’re out of reach of land, for example crossing the Atlantic, then you can reach us via our Iridium GO! satellite gizmo.


We can only read this email via our satellite connection, so if you think we’re near land please use our normal addresses. We have unlimited but VERY VERY slow internet via satellite, therefore please don’t sent no images or logos in your emails.

telephone: +881623402113

The good news for us is that receiving a call on this number is free! The bad news for your is that it is VERY expensive. We have 150 talk minutes included in our subscription but we will be saving it for emergencies. Feel free to call, if you do and we don’t answer please call again after 5 minutes as we may need a moment to setup the phone.


If you want to send us a quick message then you can always try the above website. The advantage over email is that we receive these SMS messages immediately and we are informed that we have received them – unlike email which we’ll check once a day or so.