Day 10: Surprise number 1

Today we clocked 100 nautical miles and are also currently in visual view of our three buddy boats. It’s nice to have their lights keeping us company at night. The wind was a bit light overnight and the sails complained a little. We like to have HAPPY sails and a HAPPY Arthur (our autohelm).

The sun kept us company most of the afternoon and we had another very short dolphin visit. We will hold out for a longer visit tomorrow, and we also hope to catch another fish.

Before we left Santa Cruz, we agreed to each plan a surprise. It is something I learned from a friend that skis across Greenland every spring…thanks Bjørn! Tina unveiled her surprise this afternoon. She brought beads and cord and letters to make bracelets. It was fun and kept us amused for hours.

For dinner we tucked into the freezer and made veggie lasagna that was out of this world! Before we left, we used Gus and Elena’s kitchen to make and freeze meals for our trip. It was a fun and exhausting day and it is paying off now!

Teo used the VHF radio to warn the other boats to look out for squalls. He called them, “little storms that sneak up on you”. Everyone promised they would pay close attention.

We did a great school session this morning and Teo was singing a song that was mostly, “school is fun, and I love it” which is music to this mamma’s ears.

A little short of wind so not very many miles in the last 24h, but we’re getting there!

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