Day 11: TNT Burger Boat

Another 150 nautical miles behind us and the wind and the waves seem to be coming from the same direction so the ride is a lot more comfortable. We have been fishing but are now down three lures in three days! Jon is determined to get a photo of the sea monster that can chew crimping and snap steel line. We should have stocked up on lures in Mindelo!

Comment from Jon: Whatever is taking our lures is big enough to break 75kg line, steel wire leader crimps and metal swivel shackles respectively. With one big lure left we’re tripling up everything… 225kg of lines. Bring it on.

We continue to have gourmet galley conditions and last night was another highlight! Teo and Tina had opening night of TNT Burger Boat and this is sure to take the world by storm! We had veggie burgers with homemade chips of butternut squash, carrots and potatoes and homemade tatziki. It was incredibly delicious!

Last night we had a magical dolphin show! It was amazing to watch them play at the bow covered in phosphorescent algae, it was like watching stardust. We could see them glowing silver under the water as they swam from one side of the bow to the other and back again. It was a clear sky filled with stars and we saw shooting stars as well. We were mesmerized.

This morning was quiet, but we had breakfast together and have been in contact with Freja, Gorm den Gamle and Anyway. We are now heading WEST and Jon is celebrating reaching the 13 degree latitude by breaking out a Hawaiian shirt, stay tuned for the picture!

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