Written by Jon:

Welcome to our blog, Sailing Itchy Foot. I’m sure most of your know why you’re here and what this blog is about, but for those of you who have stumbled across this page, I’ll briefly explain who we are and what you’ll find here.

We’re the Wrights, a family of three who are in the process of selling their home, buying a boat, quitting our jobs and taking a sabbatical from our normal lives. Over the coming months we’ll be using this blog to keep our friends and families up-to-date with our adventures: where we go, things we do and sharing some of the lessons we learn on the way.

Alongside this blog we plan keeping in touch with the following marvels of modern social media:

Feel free to reach out to us on any of the above, or the contact form on the blog. I can’t promise that we’ll be fast replying, but we´ll get there in the end.

If you want to find out more about who we are there is an ‘The Crew’ section in this blog (or there will be soon). There is also ‘The Boat’ section if you want to know more about Itchy Foot our Hallberg Rassy 39 and the fourth member of our little family.

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  1. Im glad to see the lifetime adventure is going more smoothly now, you guys almost sound like you know what your doing(most of the time)..be safe, have fun, take lots of photos and update when you can…

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