Day 1: almost missed the start line

The official rules started we needed to leave our marina berth at 10:15, So of course we left at 10:45. Too busy giving and receiving knuffles (hugs to those who don’t speak Dutch). Leaving Santa Cruz we had fog horns blasting us out and friends from Bright Eyes waving from the dock.

In the excitement of leaving in the company of 30 other boats we almost missed the start line, only just sneaking past the officials boat for close up photo opportunities.

Giving that our departure date was fixed months ago we had lovely weather for the first 24 hours. Just enough wind from the right direction has sent us towards our initial goal of 200-300 miles NW of Cape Verdes. Mia stubbed her toe and wants to stop for medical evacuation.

Dinner was Mexican themed, thanks to having avocados which needed to be used and the night watches were pleasant and uneventful. Jon and Mia feel completely rested, which has never happened on a passage before, thanks to our excellent crew.

Quote from Teo, while sitting on the foredeck relaxing in the sun with Tina “This is life, isn’t it.”

140 miles down, 2450 to go.

3 thoughts on “Day 1: almost missed the start line

  1. Hi all
    Congratulations on getting away on your voyage. We wish you all the best and hope that Mia’s toe isnt too serious.
    Fair winds and safe sailing

    Andy and Denise
    SV Comet

    • Hi Andy,
      Mia and I were just chatting about you guys the other day, saying how sad it was we didn’t bump into each other again before we left the med. Hope your plans are going well!

      • Hi
        Yes sad to miss you all too. We are wintering in Kalamata, Greece and then sailing in the Greek islands next year, not as exciting as your plans but still loving it.
        Have a great break in Cape Verde and enjoy the rest of the passage.
        All the best
        Andy and Denise
        SV COMET

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