A glimpse of the Atlantic

Written by Jon:

Tina, one of our Atlantic crew, was prepared when she joined Itchy Foot in the Canaries and brought with her a Go Pro video camera. So, armed with this and some regular cameras we (mostly Tina) started recording parts of our journey across the Atlantic.


Obviously, the sections that involved excessive cursing and frustration didn’t make it into the camera, nor if they had, would they have made it in the video. So please take this video as a piece of ‘marketing’ rather than an accurate representation of our trip!

Thanks to Tina for the Go Pro and her efforts to record the adventure.

8 thoughts on “A glimpse of the Atlantic

  1. Hi Jon, Mia and Tio
    What a fantastic Video that really captures the experience although i’m sure that there was a lot more besides.
    Huge congratulations on a very successful adventure. Enjoy your time in the Caribbean!

    All the best from a snowy, wet and windy Kalamata, Greece

  2. Great “marketing video” and the music is bang on! I looked at it a few times. Maya loves it too! She would love to Be on board. I explain you only eat fruits and fish 😊… she still want to come. We feel to be part of your dream adventure somehow… I even noticed the drilling platform out of Gran Canaria harbor (sorry proff. déformation, as we say).

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