Sharing comes last

Written by Jon:

We’ve been very quite since we started our adventure and for that we’re genuinely sorry. At first we were just taking time to relax a little after the hectic departure from our old lives in Oslo. Then the hard work and frustration started and we were either too busy, tired or frustrated to write anything at all. We discovered that communication comes quite low on our list of priorities.

The unofficial, incomplete and volatile list of Itchy Foot priorities:

  1. Stay friends with each other.
  2. Eat occasionally
  3. Boat maintenance
  4. Teo’s lessons
  5. Boat improvements
  6. Jon and Mia communications
  7. Play with Teo
  8. Shopping for food
  9. Communication with Grandparents
  10. Reading: sailing locations, maintenance, repairs, equipment etc.
  11. Paperwork: taxes, boat papers, licenses, insurance, banks, bills, etc.
  12. A glass of wine.
  13. Sleep.
  14. Communication with everyone else.
  15. Showers.

Unfortunately for this blog, Facebook, Twitter and social media in general you get the short straw. In fact, the only reason I have time to write this now is because the shop delivering our new boat batteries is late and I’m ignoring Teo’s requests to play with his new magnetic building toys.

While we don’t really expect the priorities to change dramatically there is hope that the amount of time spent on maintenance and improvements will soon reduce and we can free up more time for keeping in touch.

Please stay tuned!

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