Boat Radio Interview

Believe it or not, we’re on the radio. Unfortunately, due to the internet, this is a far less impressive feat than previously. Still, how did that happen?

Back in April when we were still in Palma de Mallorca I received an email from a chap who worked with which, as the name suggests, is an internet based radio station that was launching in July covering all topics nautical. I’m not entirely sure how he found out about us, but given the proximity and what we were planning he requested to interview us for one of the segments – This Aquatic Life. I replied, letting him know that we’d be around his way in May and suggesting that we meet up then.

So we met with Mike, a lovely guy, and he came onboard to conduct the interview back in May, which was released to the masses on their internet radio channel in August. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Boat Radio Interview

  1. Great to hear your voices! I’m loving the interview. I remember hearing about THE Excel sheet years ago. The helicopter sounds are adorable.

  2. Guys that was fantastic! I loved hearing you talk about how you got here and where you see your little crew going. Very cool! Love always, Mark

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