Tourist afternoon

Written by Jon:

Sunday is a quiet day in Palma, few shops are open and being low season there is little noise in the city, save for the occasional ringing of church bells. Mia woke up shortly after I made coffee and we had an uninterrupted hour of chat on deck in the morning sun. Lovely way to start the day.

We had a slow start to the day with Teo waking up late and breakfast up on deck not happening until midmorning. After breakfast Mia continued her battle wth the boat safety netting, which is almost finished and looking great. Teo and I did a quick reading lesson which is coming on very well.

In the afternoon Teo played nicely with his new Magformers (thanks Mormor and Grandpa!) – we are blessed with a kid who can amuse himself for an hour or two without having to be ‘stuck’ in front of an iPad. While he worked on building a giant truck, Mia and I cracked on with boat projects until mid-afternoon. But with lovely weather and the need to reward the ever-patient Teo we decided to put the work on hold and go and be tourists for a change.

Golf Fantasia

Golf Fantasia

We quickly grabbed a bag and ran for the bus towards Palma Nova and Golf Fantasia! Teo takes after his Grandpa and loves to play golf, so this was his pick for the afternoon. Golf Fantasia is OK – nice enough location and in nice condition but it was more golf and less crazy. The ‘obstacles’ weren’t that different to what you’d find on the PGA tour, not very many windmills, but Teo enjoyed it nonetheless.

Surprisingly, in this tourist trap, we found a nice restaurant and had a lovely dinner before taking the bus back to Palma. Grabbed some ice-cream and took turns being remote control airplanes on the way back to the boat and were all in bed before midnight – just!

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