Itchy Foot welcomes aboard weekend visitors

Written by Mia:

It is hard to write this blog post because I am having trouble putting into words how wonderful it was to spend some time with friends, to share our new way of life with people who have known us for years. Please bear with me as I gush.

Clive started to mention an interest to come and visit us in September already way back in May or June I think. And he was very understanding that we would have to make plans at the last minute given that we couldn’t really say with any certainty where we would be at that point. There is a lot of truth to the adage, if visiting people who are cruising you can say when you want to visit or where you want to visit but not both.  As we made more concrete plans with Clive, I was cheeky and arranged for Sini to come at the same time. While we were planning to get to a certain place at  a certain time, it made sense, plus I was very much in need of spending time with people who know me well.

Finishing up our work in Addaya and getting on the “road” was harder and more time consuming than we had hoped and our schedule got squashed. Luckily, we managed to get there, even if it was on Friday instead of Wednesday. Hugs on the dock in Alicante after a two-night passage felt like a gold medal! Neither of our guests complained about our tardiness, just complimented our manoeuvres (Clive) and our home (Sini).

We stayed in Alicante the first night in the marina which allowed us to walk around town, checking out a pirate ship, which Teo is still talking about, having tapas dinner, thanks Clive! It was fabulous just being together and catching up, it felt like a dream and it was fun to get settled on Itchy Foot that evening.

Sini and I did a major shop, talking about a million things along the way. A taxi back to the boat was a treat! When everything was put away we left Alicante and got the sails up.  We anchored off Punta de Cala (San Juan) with a cityscape surrounding us. We went for a swim off the back and sat for hours catching up. Sini made amazing avocado pasta for dinner and Clive did the washing up – these were amazing guests to have onboard. Like Teo said, “Mamma I think they should just come with us to the Caribbea!”

The next day we had more sailing weather, and Sini and I did some sunbathing on the foredeck, hurra! Clive had researched a nearby place called Isla Tabarca and thanks goodness the pilot was wrong and it was allowed to anchor off the island. We weren’t sure and had a stressy moment when a marinera boat appeared and simultaneously two Spanish yachts pulled up anchors and left. We had lunch, but Nemo in the water and explored the island. It had a very strange vibe but was very cool, like a David Lynch movie, I think I will have to tip him off. By the time we were back on Itchy Foot we were the only ones still anchored there.

Sini brought Teo drawing things and a monster bag which he doesn’t leave the boat without and Clive swam with him every day,  taught him to play Battleship (we even played a paper version that Teo and Jon drew for us one evening) and introduced him to King Julian and Minecraft. Uh oh! That will be pricey internet! I am convinced that Teo thinks their visit was a present just for him. We were all in tears when they left us Monday morning. Having close friends visit reminded me to be in the moment and enjoy our adventure and it really drove home what a gift this is!

11 thoughts on “Itchy Foot welcomes aboard weekend visitors

  1. What a wonderful post!! It felt like I was a part of the visit (really wish I was). Miss you guys SO much!!

    And thanks alot for the postcard, I was so surprised and happy when I saw that it was from you. It made my day <3

  2. It’s so nice to read you ?? when is the Caribbean planned? You all look so awesome in the pictures! Great blog!! Lots of Luv from Oslo from us 3 and Twinkie of course!!

  3. What a gorgeous post. So glad you had friends to stay, it’s definitely a tonic seeing people who know you well. You all look great – lovely to see Teo thriving. And cripes, I almost didn’t recognise Jonners! He’s definitely channelling Robinson Crusoe! Much love to you all. I think you’re amazing xx

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