Cabrera, wonderful Cabrera

Written by Mia:

The whole family agrees that Cabrera is magical! Since we moved aboard we have heard various enthusiastic intentions to go and fond memories of past trips to this archipelago. Our village of neighbours, especially our lovely Canadian friends in Cala Addaia, raved about it and when Jon looked into availability we had only two options open to us; we booked two consecutive nights on a mooring buoy about three weeks in advance and crossed our fingers that the weather would cooperate.

We left Porto Colom in the morning to make the most of the day and got there around lunchtime. We were welcomed by the stunning view of small islets and loved the little black and white stripey lighthouse on Isla Horadada. As we arrived we were wowed by the castle that looks like it is growing out of the rock before you enter a natural harbour with mooring buoys. There is a small port area where landfall is allowed and it is very charming with white washed buildings and overturned boats and a little cantina for refreshments and the best part is that it feels like a small Spanish village. The water is incredibly blue and full of fish and we are sad that the time is so short!

We went on a long guided walk around the ridge of the island and got a feel for the lay of the land. Being a nature reserve, access to the paths is limited and our guide Silvia was incredible! We were introduced to the flora and fauna of the island including rabbits and bats and lots of black lizards, some with green tails and some with blue bellies. There are lots of birds, including six Osprey which we were lucky enough to hear on the first day and spot on the second. The military control the island and it was made into a National Park in 1991 and they have been carefully protecting the islands so ensure the plants can reestablish themselves. The 3 hour walk/hike was stunning and everyone ooooohed and aaaahed at the breathtaking views. Teo was the youngest of the group but kept up really well and even befriended a couple of Spanish kids, they were running along the paths together! We really enjoyed our refreshments at the little cantina when we returned to the little port!

The next day we walked up to the castle on our own and saw hundreds of lizards. What an incredible place! Silvia had told us that Cabrera and this castle in particular was integral in fighting off the Moors, the islanders would spot approaching pirates and send smoke signals that would be seen in Mallorca and the warning would spread from there. We also visited the little museum where we learned of the fishing and farming done here and the treasures, including Grecian urns found on the bottom of the sea. In the afternoon we joined the walk again and this time we climbed to the highest point of the island, Teo had tired legs and still managed very, very well. He was the highest person on the island and was quite proud!

With the help of Silvia we managed to pick up a cancelled reservation and got to stay an extra night-HURRRA!! This is a very special treat as there is a maximum two nights during the busy months. We used the day snorkelling, Jon and Mia took turns in the morning and Teo used his mask from Uncle Mark off the beach in the afternoon. The fear of putting his face in the water disappeared instantly and he was doing some very proper swimming! All of his training and practice just seemed to fall into place. Oh how we have been hoping and waiting for this moment! At Teo’s enthusiastic request, the boys are getting ready to go back to the beach as I sit in this lovely place and type. After our successful trip to the beach yesterday, Nemo took us to the Blue Cave. We drove into this huge cave with incredibly blue water and Teo and Mia went for a little swim while Jon took pictures and kept us safe. It was an another sambaing day!

Sorry not to write more, but we are going to go do some more snorkelling before we have to leave!

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