A holiday with Grandma and Granddad

Written by Mia:

Jon’s parents came to visit us in Soller and it was amazing! They are incredible and what’s more incredibly good to us! They are very patient and strong (packing and carrying lots of small things we needed and bought on amazon.co.uk) and generous (treating us to a holiday here in Soller) when we probably needed it the most!

They stayed at the beautiful Esplendido hotel where we breakfasted like royalty and used the pool and generally just enjoyed the luxury. Teo loved jumping on the bed and Mia had the nicest shower she has so far had in Spain and Jon said he felt it was the first little break he has had from the to do lists in his head.

The day they arrived was the es Firo festival and three pirates (we had to be pirates because it seems the obvious choice but also you can only dress up as a Christian if you were born on the island) took the dingy ashore to join them in their room to watch the second of the battles. We all went out for a meal in the evening after having a look at Itchy Foot.

The next day, Tuesday, was a little grey and we used the opportunity to take a drive. We went up to Fornalutx and visited the Can Verdera hotel where Jon and Mia had wedding reception. We had a lovely trip down memory lane, Teo kept asking what a ”blast from the past” is. Ana was there and we had a lovely chat – she still had a picture of baby Teo over her desk. We wandered through town and had a lovely meal overlooking the valley. We had been wanting to go up there since arriving in Mallorca and it this was the perfect opportunity! We drove to Deia for a visit as well and it is a delight as always.

On Wednesday we had the incredible Espendido breakfast and then drove into Palma. We had a walk through the old town with a visit to Casa Roca (we were sad to hear the news that this incredible institution is closing its doors after a 166 years!) and then we went for coffee at Can Joan de Saigo which is a favourite and always just a little bit of a challenge to find (sprinkled in Fairy dust perhaps?) After a walk around the cathedral which is awe inspiring, we went to have some lunch in the marina cantina. It was fun to show Jon’s parents where we started this adventure with Itchy Foot. And then again with the patience, we ran lots of errands on our way out of Palma and came back just in time for a lovely sunset and a beautiful meal.

Thursday, we went back for breakfast and spent a lovely carefree day at the Esplendido. We sat by the pool, and soaked up the place. We had our first dose of sunbathing of the year. Teo made some friends and a lovely day was had by all! We had drinks on the terrace and stuck around for dinner 🙂 I get dreamy just thinking about it!

We don’t want to talk about Friday when we had to say goodbye!

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  1. We enjoyed spending these few days with you and rediscovering this beautiful area of Majorca and, the wonderful memories of our time there, celebrating your wedding in Fornalutx. We also, were very sad to leave you three.

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