Day 6: Sunshine

Another 140 nautical miles clocked and we are happy with the sailing, the wind is better than expected and the sea has calmed down. We can eat meals without holding on to everything on the table… ahhhh it’s the little things! The sun was lovely in the afternoon and everyone was smiling. We are trying to ration electricity so the sunshine was very welcome to the solar panels.

We contacted a fishing boat that came into view (the first one we have seen since we lost sight of our friends) and he was doing circles around us, but he told us “I see you. Everything fine. Have a nice voyage. Ciao” Teo heard it and said “what a strange fellow”.

The night watches were fine, even if we had some squalls with rain, there was also quite a lot of time to see the stars! And this morning we had banana pancakes thanks to Tina, yum yum! Everyone was hungry for lunch, too, because Jon baked bread for us – this boat smells FABULOUS. Thanks to Julia for the tips of measuring the ingredients into bags so you can just add the water and oil.

Tina and Mia did some strength exercises on the aft deck, working on those Barbados bods. This should become a daily routine. The balance exercises of yoga are extra challenging!

Teo is doing school lessons and he is doing really well. We did some reading, writing and then he drew in his journal, a page per day! And as a treat Kevin is teaching him to solve sudoku puzzles. He seems to be getting hang of it. Yesterday his passage present was a very cool reuseable notepad from Grandma and Granddad. He loves it and is practicing drawing stars. And he told us a joke that we should share, “Why did the parrot cross the kitchen? To get to the chicken.”


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