Day 16: Milestones

Please indulge us another journal type post… from yesterday; Jon and I celebrated an anniversary on December 10th, 11 years since the first kiss! Ok, stop gagging! The only reason I brought it up is that Tina and Kevin very generously took our watches and we got a movie date and a full night’s sleep. That was so very generous and considerate, a huge thanks! So there, a really nice milestone!

We had two of our buddy boats at such close range that we could hear each other shouting! In the middle of the Atlantic, which is some sort of record!

In the morning at 9:40 we crossed the halfway mark with 999 nautical miles left and also into triple digits! Another milestone for us!

At noon every day we plot our progress on our paper chart and we clocked 158 nautical miles and we weren’t even pushing ourselves… milestone!

We caught a mahi-mahi for dinner and unfortunately have run out of potatoes for Kevin’s world famous mash, maybe if one of the other boats ahead of us could drop a couple in the water, we could just scoop them up in a net? Jon made chocolate ice cream for desert from scratch, using our offline copy of Wikipedia to figure out how to freeze it quickly with ice and salt.

And special congratulations to the Atlantic Odyssey boats who arrived in Barbados already – really hope we’ll see some of them when we finally make it! I was hoping to meet the adorable kids who live on Jo-Jo and of course we are hurrying to pick up some Sta Vast KNUFFELS before they move on!!

So, now if we could just figure out how to catch a dolphin show, like everyone else, that would be nice 😉

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Milestones

  1. Great reading your blog every day. Splendid idea with movie date for “first kiss anniversary” Image how much fun your crew members had planning that surprice.
    Also waiting for some norwegian,canadian and spanish update on the blog.

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